#SMMII Coming Soon…

Mtown (of FANG) drops Summer’s Midnight Memories (or may be it’s Memoires. I’m confused, but lets keep it moving…) TOMORROW! I did a Interview with the homie over at Dopedrops, so be sure to check that out. Listen to a snippet of “Marley & Me” featuring Wall-E Ge3z and Peep the Tracklist Below!!!

1pm: Summer 2012 Intro (prod. Shamel Bryant)
2pm: Saturday ft. 2chea (prod. Ice Cartier)
3pm: White Impala ft. Smooth x Ramel Shakur (prod. L.A. Beats)
4pm: Wait (prod. LifeWithDrugs)
5pm: No Diving (prod. Simon SMTHNG)
6pm: Couches (prod. Robbie Theus)
7pm: Couches Pt.2 (prod. Spaceghost)
8pm: Marley & Me ft. Wall-E Ge3z (prod. MustardSeed)
9pm: Go Diving (prod. Simon SMTHNG)
10pm: N. Elm Street “White Impala Pt.2” (prod. Zae Mazaru)
11pm: Party Next Door (prod. Soul Division)
12am: Body [Jasmine Marie Cover] (prod. Jalan White)
**Bonus: Miss Summer ={D (prod. Weirddough)**