Part 3 is on its way!!

AMCS = Art. Music. Clothes. Sneakers

I attended the previous ones and had a hella good time, it was fucking amazing. I’m born & raised in Charlotte, NC and i didn’t even know our music scene (as far as hip-hop goes) until mid 2011. This event brings a lot of local talent together under one roof, it’s a cool place to network, turn up! and just enjoy being around your friends and socializing. There’s vendors selling merchandise, artists displaying their artwork, all while various musicians perform on stage (usually food is also involved but DO NOT quote me haha). This time around I got the opportunity to work closely with this team and I’m pretty juiced about it. You can peep the performance line-up amongst other cool offerings on, follow @AMCSBodega and be sure you’re in attendance on SEPTEMBER 23.

BIGGER AND BETTER is the goal with each Bodega so…