Diz Gibran – Soon You’ll Understand (Album)

Being a Music blogger there is nothing more sacred to me than my laptop. Even as a child, I didn’t watch TV/movies (which is the reason I still don’t) i was attached to a computer. So I know a bit about them and catching viruses is not the coolest thing in the world especially with an iTunes full of beautiful music. My whole computer had to be swiped which resulted in a few days of me sulking and staying home from school (I’m so serious, it really hit me hard haha). This tape was among all those lost .mp3s & for some odd reason, this song popped in my head a few minutes ago. I couldn’t remember the artist’s name but after some relaxation it came to me: Diz Gibran, Whom I discovered on 2dopeboyz and haven’t heard from since, I wonder what happened…Life? right. I hope you enjoy Soon You’ll Understand as much as I did when it was first released, because Good music never gets old to me.