Octopus Jones – Come To Light


Yesterday, I was cruising with some homies that love to let me control the music in the car (which is bittersweet, because I really don’t know their preference, but it also shows a sign of trust haha). I played an array of things and when “Come To Light” (this song samples “Footsteps in the Dark” by Isley Brothers) came on, we let it ride out and got into a convo. about how we’d rather hear old school over new school music. Not knocking anyone, but i think we can all appreciate the authenticity in the music our parents/ grand-parents were raised on and shout out to all up-and-comers who pay tribute to such classics! (e.g., “Judgement” by Benny Lasco & JK the Rapper)

“Respect the Old, Embrace the New”