J. Pinder – A Learning Game (Music Video)

I adore the video, here’s a little Seattle Hip-hop for your ears.


Hip Hop Family Reunion Video Recap

Last night I attended the inaugural Hip Hop Family Reunion in my home town Charlotte, NC. Though, I can be quite the introvert I like attending events that support not only my city but good music. There’s a lot of talent here and I have no doubt that sooner or later these artists will get the recognition they deserve. I had a hella good time with all of you that came out and supported the cause :) I was too hyped when Ray & Jimmy performed ‘DUI‘ and almost collapsed when Elevator Jay dropped the ‘Highdro‘ beat and thought he wasn’t going to perform it, but thankfully! He did haha. Peep some footage of the festivities below.

Filmed by ABlackTV

Substantial – My Favorite Things (Music Video)

I listened to this song non-stop when it came out (and i still do on occasion) And Three years Later, I see the visuals…Can you say LATE?! haha. I don’t watch TV you guys, so Music Videos has never been something I enjoyed watching. When it comes to music, I’d rather just Listen…hope that makes sense. Any-who if you LOVE hip-hop and all of its elements, then I’m sure you’ll really dig this.

Download: Substantial – My Favorite Things (f. Steph)